Monday, 13 October 2008

Winter Essentials


I just got back to university, and although currently the sky outside my window is blue and the sun is shining, I know before too long it will be replaced with grey, grey and more grey clouds bringing a deluge of rain and cold.

But never fear! Here are my winter essentials for avoiding Seasonal Affective Disorder and keeping chic and toasty while the weather’s bad.

1. Hot Water Bottle

Essential for keeping warm at night, and reducing your electricity bills. I got a pink one from my grandma for Christmas last year and short of having someone to cuddle with it made huddling up in bed so much nicer! Team with cute pjs and coordinated bedding for extra luxury.

2. A fabulous hat.

Women should wear hats more often. For that matter so should men! Instantly chic *and* it stops the heat escaping through your head, so it’s good for you! Sort of. Go for a classic beret, funky bakerboy or my personal fave – a stylish cloche.

3. Socks

Be they knee socks, tights or stockings, hose should absolutely be exciting. Tartan tights have been strutting their stuff on catwalks for Autumn/Winter 2008 (I have two pairs from topshop!) but anything brightly coloured or patterned is sure to make you smile on cold mornings as you stomp your way to work or school.

4. Chocolate Parties

My flatmates and I have a semi annual tradition of breaking out the chocolate fountain (The gift that keeps on giving – three of us bought it for our other flatmate’s birthday!) and throwing a chocolate party. We provide a kilo of dairy milk chocolate and dipping implements, and guests bring the dips! Ask guests to bring Marshmallows, Fruit and flapjack (fantastic smothered in melted chocolate) along with wine, crisps and salsa for when the sugar gets a bit too much for even the sweetest tooth.

5.Waterproof shoes. Absolutely essential for keeping your toes dry! Being extremely short myself I generally avoid trousers and go with a skirt and boots combo to combat wet trouser leg syndrome, or at least heels high enough to keep me out of the puddles.

6. Moisturiser

Your skin can get extremely dry in winter which makes a good moisturiser which works with your skintype even more essential than the rest of the time. I adore Nivea Visage’s light moisturising day cream, as does my mother and my flatmate so it has our seal of approval, but everyone’s skin is different so find one which suits you.

7. Cinema Tickets

I really wish I was back in London so I could attend some of the showings at the Times Film Festival but I’m making up for it with plans for a decadent trip to our new local showcase cinema’s deluxe screen with sofas and martini service!

Bonus Extras…

.A great leather jacket is luxurious and keeps the cold out. Plus it will last for years if treated properly and never goes out of fashion.
.Put your mad cooking skillz to the test whipping up some hot tasty treats and scoffing them straight from the oven!
.Fill your ipod with great (free!) winter stomping music from sites like and If you really love the artist though, don’t forget to support them by buying a cd!
.Get more wear out of floaty summer dresses by adding thick tights and a long cardi synched in with a fab belt.

Geek Out…

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