Sunday, 7 December 2008

Christmas Wishlist

I'm a firm believer in anticipation, which is why christmas wishlists are so much fun! I'm currently throwing money at the black hole in my bank account caused by a ridiculously over expensive new computer I just bought, so I don't think I'll be getting much off my list this year, but I still love making one!

On the list:

Warm wooly scarf in cream for winter walks etc
Anything made by Lulu Guinness
Anna Lou of London H necklace (my sister has an F and I covet!)
bones underwear - this is just cute!
many many books
nerd/dork rings
cameo broach by Tarina Tarentino
Long snuggly grey cardigan
Black flat boots
Black rock-ish waist belt
Mulberry Bayswater (omg! I wish!)

My flatmates and I cooked a full on christmas dinner today, and exchanged our secret santa presents - I got a pretty photo holder with pictures of the four of us in, plus lebkuchen and autumnal fruit cordial. Next weekend I return to the bosom of my family so more food, a trip to see the Lion King Musical (yay!), a visit to the V&A, and hopefully a better attempt at keeping a blog are in the works!


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