Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Inspired By... Steampunk!

I have a not so secret love of Steampunk that at times borders on embarrassing. It started with Firefly, the short lived Joss Whedon Series about cowboys in Space which I have watched on repeat about 500 times and gradually lead to the perusal of many blogs, joining the Steampunk polyvore community and finally seems to have infiltrated my wardrobe.

While I have yet to actually add goggles and a pocket watch to my everyday outfits a shopping trip this week did lead to a few steamy purchases which I have been incorporating into my everyday wear with gusto.

Outfit one has a bit of a space pirate theme I think


Beret – Accessorize
Scarf – H&M (new!)
Military Bolero Jacket - New Look (New!)
Ruffled Shirt – Zara (New!)
Brown Kilt – Joy
Brown Boots – Nine West

For outfit two I was going for more of a Victorian Industrial feel


Silver Earrings – Accessorize
Silver Rings – Various Market Stall finds
Glass and Jet Necklace – Vintage
Ruffled Shirt – Zara (New!)
Bubble Hem Skirt – Warehouse
Black Bow Boots – Clarks (New! And half price in the sale!)


.Lace up boots can inject a bit of Steampunk into any outfit. Any height (knee length, calf or over the knee if you’re feeling brave!) works well too.

.Anything with ruffles such as shirts or skirts showing a glimpse of petticoat also give a Victorian feel to an outfit, and can be dressed up a la Adam Ant for a New Romantic Punk feel.

.While brass coloured jewellery is very Steampunk I’m not such a fan so I’ve substituted it for silver and I think it still goes with the theme. Key elements to go for include chains and charms, black Jet is very Victorian, as are cameo brooches or how about tying an old fashioned key to a piece of ribbon?

.Pilot-style scarves, gloves and hats make great accessories. Wear all the time to be ready for a quick get-a-way in your flying pirate ship!

.Corsets are of course a huge part of Steampunk but it can be hugely expensive to get one made to fit properly for you. If like me you have yet to save for this you can get plenty of belts, skirts and dresses with high nipped-in waists or boning to give the look with out the cost (or the pain!).

.If you’re into the shorts with tights look try to find a pair of shorts that gather at the bottom a bit like bloomers!

.Anything military with lots of buttons and braiding can be incorporated into the Steampunk style and can be found easily on the high street or in vintage shops.

.Ditto anything with coat tails!

.Less is more. While I love the over the top pictures from conventions and photo shoots styled to perfection I’m not brave enough to wear those everyday, and there is the danger of looking just frumpy or costumy.

Geek Out…

Firefly, Serenity and Stardust on DVD
Steampunk Polyvore group
Some great inspiration photos
Singer Emilie Autumn has a fantastic Victorian Industrial style complete with bloomers!

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