Tuesday, 30 December 2008

New Year's Resolution

My new year’s resolution this year is to compliment people more.
Often there seems to be this idea perpetuated by that dark and mysterious force of evil known only as The Media that all women are bitchy. That women can never be friends with other women, that jealousies and catty comments will always get in the way.

Of course most women, and the more intelligent men, know that this is completely untrue, yet somehow the stereotype persists. To combat this is, I think, simple – be nicer.

That is my plan, anyway!

I want to tell my flatmates, my best friends, my family ‘darling, you look fabulous!’ as often as I can. And I want to tell the strange girl on the street with the bright red hair, the shop assistant in my favourite shop with the chic colour-coordinated outfit, the woman in the supermarket with the amazing hat ‘I think you look great’.

Somehow it seems very British and stiff-upper lip not to talk to people you don’t know, and to just pretend you don’t see them, but the handful of times I have had compliments from complete strangers about my clothes or my look in general it has just made my day. The idea that someone with no agenda (so usually a woman(!) but not always) who didn’t need to made the effort to come over and compliment me just makes me feel all warm and tingly inside!
Thus I am declaring 2009 the year of the compliment – may many sparkly happy words be directed your way! Xxx
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slightly late but still worth a look 2 1/2 month to new year's resolutions resolutions!

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