Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Dressing for your DNA

When browsing around the internet instead of doing my homework yesterday I came across the meme from of dressing for your DNA - what would you look like if you let your heritage dictate your clothing choices?! I was all set to give it a go via the great medium of polyvore, until of course I realised I was just about as English as you could get(!), still I gave it my best shot:

Earnestine cycled everywhere. She loved her homeland, and dreamt of travelling around Germany on her dusty yellow bicycle, sampling the local beers and winking at the local boys, before sailing merrily past them and on to the next town!

Cait was often teased by her more metropolitan friends for her traditional hobbies and Scottish pride, but she ignored them and continued to wear her family tartan. But she ignored them and continued her latest subversive cross stitch in the back of the bus. After all, if you couldn't have a bit of hometown pride when you were travelling the world in a rock cello band, when could you?

Astrid didn't mind the rain, which was a good thing because in Wales it never seemed to stop! Armed with a good pair of boots and her trusty umbrella her favourite rainy day activity was to pack her sketchbook and watercolours and go up onto the beacons and find a sheltered spot to draw.

{my name, and my ancestors came from Germany originally with the Saxon invasion. My mother's maiden name is Scott, which I feel is close enough to count as a little bit Scottish, and my Grandmother's surname is a small village on the Welsh border}

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