Saturday, 24 January 2009

How to be a student and not die from scurvy!


Believe it or not it is possible! It’s easier now I live out of halls and share the shopping with my housemates, but even so eating healthily isn’t always easy. I find it especially difficult when I want something quick, easy and cheap for one – too often in first year I’d have a bag of carrots or clementines go mouldy in the fridge because despite eating them everyday for a week I still couldn’t get through them!

This year however my flatmate Kat’s New Year’s Resolution is to eat her five-a-day of fruit and veg everyday, so as we generally all cook together in my house the rest of us have been eating more healthily in general, whether we want to or not! These are my tips for managing not to die while at uni:

.I love kiwis, plums, apricots and nectarines etc but they just don’t keep for more than a couple of days so unless you’re planning on getting through a lot of them go for longer lasting fruits like apples, oranges and bananas. Keep them in the fridge to get a few more days out of them.
.Bulk cook meals like vegetable soup, spaghetti bolognaise with loads of onions, tomato and kidney beans and freeze them in portion sized amounts (use sandwich bags!). It means you have it there when you want it but you don’t have to eat the same thing everyday as it’ll keep for longer. I’m known for my soup days where I have made 6-8 pints of soup or more in one go!
.Beans count towards your five-a-day, even baked beans! In fact all tinned fruit and vegetables do surprisingly.
.When I’m home my mum buys me smoothies, which I love but aren’t cheap. However while not as rich in vitamins and good stuff, ordinary juice *does* count, so a glass of orange juice with breakfast or cranberry juice at lunch will up your vitamin intake.
.Vegetable stir-fry is another favourite in our house – pre bought hoy sin or sweet and sour with straight to wok noodles and as many vegetables as we can fit in a pan – onion, carrots, sweet potato, pepper, leek, sweetcorn, you name it!
.Banana bread is *divine* and means you can use up your slightly dodgy looking old bananas.
.Baked camembert with good things like roast sweet potato, carrot and parsnip dunked in it is another house fave. Simply stick the camembert in it’s box in the oven for ½ hour and par-boil and roast some veg in thick wedges and there you go!
.A lot of chopped stuff goes brown pretty quickly, but peeled and chopped carrot will last a few days in the fridge without going off. Eat it with chopped cucumber and red pepper dipped in humus for a healthy snack (humus goes off quickly though, so share with a friend to make sure it all gets eaten).
.Frozen spinach is another thing that can be added to anything, and lasts much longer than fresh stuff. Stir fries and creamy pasta sauces in particular are great with spinach. Plus you can grow up to be like Popoye and Olive Oil!
.A handful of raisins or other dried fruit on your cereal in the morning will add to the healthy quota, (although not too many as they’re pretty sugary). If you like to add sugar to your cereal try swapping it for a spoonful of homey instead – it’s still sweet but better for you, or so my sister the dietician tells me!

Blushing Melons Fruit Crate Art - F.H. Hogue Co.

And if healthy really isn’t your thing yesterday I tried melon soaked in vodka… just sayin’


Amy said...

Wow :)

I discorvered this in your "Best of the Year" feature, and as someone who's headed to Uni next year, and is petrified, it's really helpful!

Leia said...

This is one of my favorite posts ever! Yes, I love your blog so much that I'm trawling the archives :)