Thursday, 29 January 2009

Things I Love Thursday

.A busy day. It’s been an exhausting week but it’s nearly over and I’ve achieved such a lot – a major piece of coursework handed in, a presentation and leaps and bounds (ok so tiny steps, but still, progress!) in my final year project.

.Guests! This weekend my old school friend Rosie is visiting, which is great as I love showing people round and inducting them into all my secret favourite things! Plus it’s a great excuse to do no work! I’m thinking cinema trips, a visit to the caves and crepes at the place round the corner from my house with the Sunday papers!

.Good books. I keep finding myself in the university bookshop with a few minutes to spare, and picking up books to flick through, then having to tear myself away from them and leave :( I’m clearly going to have to give in to the expense and buy a few so I can see how they turn out!

.It’s almost February! I’m so ready for winter to be over, and though it’s still pretty cold I figure when January’s over we’re that little psychological step closer to spring, aaaah!

.Getting involved. It’s my last year at uni so I’m doing my best to get to as many random things as possible. I still haven’t made it to the Book club I joined at the beginning of term, but the last week has included the Global Fiesta where I performed a martial arts demo with some friends and watched ballroom dancing, a barbershop quartet and Morris dancing among loads of other great performances! I also chatted to loads of people from different cultural societies half of which I never knew existed and had certainly never thought about joining which was awesome. Plus the foods was great ;)

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