Saturday, 7 February 2009

Lazy Sunday Links

Chocks away
Lily Donaldson by Tim Walker via Wicked Halo

.I love Tim Walker's photography with a passion! Check out these from foto_decadent - I adore 40s-esque practical glamour, and given how cold it's been lately (snow snow snow!) I will definitely be trying to incorporate some of the layering and knitwear ideas into my wardrobe this week.

.This flickr group has some more fantastical Tim Walker photos for even more gorgeous inspiration. If it's 40s fashion your after this set from miamizeiss is beautiful.

.I discovered the millinery of Anya Caliendo through Oligoville - absolutely divine! The hat with the cherries is my favourite, it's called 'sweet memories' - how perfect?

.These Alexander McQueen shoes would look perfect on my feet this valentines day, via fabsugaruk.

.The new Pringle ad campaign stars my total girlcrush, Daisy Lowe looking amazing as usual. I can't help it - I love her!

.Don't you just wish you had a treehouse?

.This exhibition looks cute, in a slightly creepy, whimsical sort of a way... via fabulist.

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