Thursday, 26 February 2009

Things I Love Thursday

.Pancakes. Oh God do I love Pancakes. Tuesday was pancake day here in the UK, and I ate a *lot*, all smothered with syrup, lemon and sugar, icecream, peanut butter, and other sweet stuff.

.Edward Gorey. I discovered his more, *ahem* adult works via galadarling who linked to these scans of his, and have been borrowing and devouring some of his other books such as The Curious Sofa - delightfully rude!

.A great night's sleep. I spent the weekend at a martial arts training camp which was amazing and exhillerating. When I finally made it back to my own comfy bed on sunday night I slept like the dead and woke up full of energy and ready to do anything! I must try exhausting myself more often if that's the result!

.My birthday! It's in a couple of weeks but I've already got a few presents on the way, and a meal out with my parents and a party with my friends to plan!

.Oscar dresses. Well, I'm a bit late to join the bandwagon, but weren't they beautiful? My faves were Evan Rachel Wood's for understated glam, Tilda Swinton for continuously looking more interesting than everyone else on the red carpet put together and Myley Cyrus for looking like she just fell into a pot of glitter!

2009 Academy Awards: Evan Rachel Wood 2009 Academy Awards: Tilda Swinton 2009 Academy Awards: Miley Cyrus
All Photos via USA Today

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