Saturday, 7 February 2009

Valentines Girls Night Out

For me Valentines day is about having fun with my girlfriends. Need ideas?

valentines drinks
valentines drinks - by piesecki on

1. Go for drinks after work/uni. Skyscraper heels and matching underwear are a must, worn with a demure, cute dress to make yourself feel confident and gorgeous.

dancing the night away
dancing the night away - by piesecki on

2. Dance the night away in the ultimate 'you can look but you can't touch' dress and your comfiest heels or flats.

girls night in
girls night in - by piesecki on

3. Get takeaway, a stack of DVDs and a bottle of wine or four - the perfect night in!

get baking
get baking - by piesecki on

4. Get baking! Take inspiration from The View From Here and bake brownies or cupcakes. Hand them out to everyone and make yourself super-popular or get a production line going with a kitchenful of friends!

How are you planning on making valentines day fabulous?

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