Thursday, 12 March 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!


Tuesday was my birthday, and I was a very lucky girl!

I had a lovely day filled with friends and cake and not to mention presents! My parents bought me this amazing evening bag *swoon*! It's vintage, and the woman who sold it to my mum asked if it was 'my first chanel'! She (the woman in question) had four... I'm over the moon with my one!


I took my flatmates out to dinner at Las Iganas (The *nicest* South American restaurant I swear) wearing their lovely gift - this fabulous tophat facinator. I'm going to two weddings this year so it will be perfect for those.



Amber said...

Happy belated birthday! The hat is fabulous!

Claire said...

Oh my God - Chanel??? AMAZING!!! I want one of those bad boys!! Your cakes and fascinator are lovely too, hope you had a great day!

Harriet said...

Amber - thank you!

Claire - I know, I am very very lucky! My mum bid for it at an online auction (not ebay, a smaller sitew I think), so I can attest to the fact that you can still find designer bargains around.

Leia said...

The Chanel bag is to DIE for!