Friday, 17 April 2009

Daily Outfit - April 17th 2009

P1020701 P1020700

Tshirt - MKOne
Dress - Yumi
Boots - Clarks
Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bangle - Vintage
Earrings - Vintage
Necklace - Ghost and Lola

Normally most of my jewellary is vintage but there was no way I could resist this Ghost and Lola necklace I got for christmas. Ghost and Lola are an Australian company, but there are stockists all over the world, and all their jewellery is on the ridiculous side of huge and just gorgeous!

I tried to take a close up shot but it isn't the best:


The dress you can see in the backround is my graduation ball gown! I'm getting really excited that the end of uni is nearly upon me, just a thesis to redraft and a few pesky exams in my way now!

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