Saturday, 4 April 2009

Daily Outfit - April 4th 2009


Blue stripey dress - Yuki at Topshop, Oxford Circus
Black velvet shawl - Gift from a friend
Brown plaid bow shoes - Diba (from some discount shoe place in San Francisco)
Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Black bangle - Vintage, 'borrowed' from my mother!

I ended up in Topshop Oxford Circus on thursday night (completely by accident of course!) and somehow managed to come away with this gorgeous dress by Yuki. Their dresses are always incredibly simple and often don't look 'all that' on the hanger but somehow manage to fit perfectly, despite the fact this is one size fits all. Carrie from is a fan of theirs too!

Today I am going to be swanning around all morning in this outfit learning about solar power (urgh! revision for my finals.) and then going for afternoon tea at my friend Rosie's. I think it is a good outfit for tea and cake!

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Mermaid said...

I like this outfit a lot. Especially the puffy sleeves on the dress.