Monday, 6 April 2009

Daily Outfit - April 6th 2009

I'm off to Bristol later today to spend a few days in my university computer rooms and actually get some *work* done! So I'll leave you with my travelling outfit...


Blue pinifore dress - Oasis
Ruffle fronted t-shirt - River Island
Cropped blue military jacket - New Look
Maroon knee-high socks - H&M
Brown boots - Nine West

I love this dress so much - but it gets so wrinkled so easily, woe! Too many times my flatmates have come downstairs in the morning to find me in my dressing gown frantically ironing away so it's wearable for another day. I think wearing it on a three hour coach journey and then going out for drinks straight away (I promise I am going down to work!) at the other end may be something I'm going to live to regret...


Mermaid said...

I looooooove the jacket. So amazing.

cassie said...

I like this outfit. The dress is gorgeous and looks great with the socks and boots!