Friday, 3 April 2009

The Importance of Underpinnings Part Two of Two


While not exactly huge, I have always been on the larger side in the bust department, which combined with a smaller back has meant that finding nice bras that fit well is always tricky. Whatever cup size you are though, gorgeous underwear is a necessity and a right, and certainly not just for those who can afford Agent Provocateur (although if you can, their stuff is gorgeous!).

.Go to somewhere like Primark and buy yourself half a dozen of the frilliest, cutest knickers you can see! With everything between 98p and £2 you can’t really go wrong!

.If you love to wear matching underwear but can’t afford to splash out on the ridiculously overpriced knickers which match your bra, take the bra along with you and find a multipack of knickers in a coordinating colour. They’re usually more comfy too!

.On the highstreet M&S’ Ceriso range is wonderful – very reasonably priced and exactly the sort of slightly gaudy beauty I like in my underwear! La Senza woke up to the larger lady’s needs a few years ago too, and a lot of their ranges are now available in DD+.

.If you’re bust isn’t as generously proportioned you often have a lot more options, my B and C cup friends swear by H&M, Primark and pretty much every women’s highstreet store has a friendly priced underwear range.

.If there’s never anything nice in your size try buying your bras online. This post was inspired by my latest order from, which sells off excess stock in primarily larger sizes, but has some smaller choices too. And the delivery was really fast. Only downside is if you want to return anything you do have to pay postage.

.When you are ordering online get yourself to a shop first and get measured for goodness sake! Don’t forget that all bras fit slightly differently even if they are the same size so send it back if it doesn’t fit right – it’s not a bargain (or bra-gain! Oh dear…) if you never wear it.

.Take care of the undies you do have. The thought of hand washing anything makes me quake with fear, but if you have a delicates setting on your washing machine use it! Or buy one of those zip-up string bags which you can put your delicates in to stop them getting caught up with everything else.

.Non-bio washing detergent is better if you have sensitive skin.

.Just because you’re looking for something practical doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty too. Even if your breasts are on the larger side you can get a moulded cup which is slightly padded to protect against accidental nippleage (well it’s better than a boring T-shirt bra, isn’t it?).

.A slip is a great addition to any wardrobe, although often quite a granny-esque thing to try and buy (definitely not chic!). One option is to go vintage, and keep an eye out in charity shops for something pretty. Alternatively look for a long oversized strap top (I have one I got free with a magazine) or thin dress you can layer under see-through clothes or wear alone when it’s hot.

.If you’re prepared to spend a bit my favourite shop ever (If I had the money I would shop almost exclusively here, I swear) All Saints has some cute multicoloured slips for around £30 like this, this and this.

.I haven’t actually tried this website, but a quick google pulled up which if the idea of a strapless bra isn’t quite for you is an excellent alternative to a dull bra strap showing under a top or dress.


Sherin said...

I love pretty bras. I never buy plain ones. I always feel so much better, when I'm out and about, knowing that I'm wearing gorgeous Lingerie. H&M is seriously amazing and I guess I'll have to give Bravissimo a go to. I'm definitely going to Covent Garden in the next week.

Helen said...

I have a bra problem. I really need to sort out my underwear drawer! I went through a phase of buying so much underwear when I discovered La Senza and M&S Ceriso in 32DD! So many places cater for D+, but think that if you have big cups you have a big back too and only start at like 34/36! That annoys me so much. I go to bravissimo to treat myself to basics like t-shirt bras and strapless bras, because the quality is so much better really. You do get what you pay for I think.

A said...

Great points, I love pretty bras but well-engineered is also important. Never found high street offerings to be much good in the comfort stakes. I really like Freya, comfort and style all in one!

Harriet said...

Sherin - I am 100% with you - why have plain bras when you could have pretty ones? Bravissimo is a fantastic place, although can be on the expensive side.

Helen - I have the same problem! I found going online really helped as the selection of bra sizes was much better if you have bigger boobs but a small back. I definitely agree paying more is a good investment, although quite often I abandon this philosophy when I see somnething and go 'ooh pretty!'

A - Freya is fantastic, but so expensive *sigh* One of the bras I bought off was a Freya one though, and at about 1/2 price too! The internet wins again!

Eternal*Voyageur said...

Getting yourself measured at a store might not always give you the right size. If the store carries a small size range, they will try to sell you whatever they have ! A few companies do carry a full range (90 sizes in each model).

And... there is no such thing as a "B cup" or "C cup". The cup size is proportionate to the band size !

You might want to read this:

And here are some online stores that sell ALL sizes, in very beautiful models:

Hope it's useful !