Sunday, 5 April 2009

Lazy Sunday Links

by Joanna Kustra
photo courtesy wicked halo

Here's a bit of a lazy sunday fashion shoot special for you - best enjoyed in bed on a sunny afternoon with a cup of coffee while someone makes you eggs and bacon (I have yet to persuade anyone to make me eggs and bacon here but I'm working on it!).

.Following on from my musings on underwear earlier this week here are some gorgeous underthings from Swedish Elle.

.I love plaid, but it never seems quite so appropriate when the weather gets warmer, well these photos definitely bring it right up into spring at least!

.This portrait style shoot is so amazing - and the clothes are perfect.

.These are quite oldschool, but I can't help but love how well I think all the bands are done. (Except Marilyn Manson - that's just creepy shudder).

.More Tim Walker loveliness, with perhaps a touch more darkness than his usual quota.

.I want every single one of these outfits, and while I don't think that will be happening anytime soon, I do think there's a certain amount of inspiration that could be worked into my everyday style.

.There's something about expensive trashiness which really attracts me. The first photo in this set is exactly the sort of thing I love but would never wear.

.And to end we have Zooey - every mini fashionista's idol!

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