Sunday, 19 April 2009

Lazy Sunday Links

Picture courtesy Angie Katze

.The Glamourai reposted Sonia Rykiel's 10 rules of style from elle magazine.

.I discovered the cute illustrations of Mam'zelle Rouge via another new blog I recently added to my rss reader - Hello, Lolla. She posts tons of gourgeous photos, quotes and thoughts so do take a look.

.Also check out the beautiful prints available at the Feed Your Soul free art post. They're all high quality prints available for you to save, print, or do whatever with.

.I really enjoyed Alice in Wonderland's Cecil Beaton post - one of the greatest fashion photographers of all time.

.The most amazing Barbie dolls ever!

.The outnet is finally live!

I'm back at uni for my last term ever so posts may get a bit less frequent as my exams get closer (eek!) however blogging as a means of procrastination may actually mean they get more frequent!

I guess we'll see ;)


Claire said...

I thought my blog posts would stop during my finals... but I just kept going with outfit posts!! I had to take a break this term (post-grad course) because I had EVEN more on, but I will be back!

Harriet said...

That's true - I do like to use revision period as an excuse to spend even more time thinking about what I'm going to wear each day!

Claire said...

Haha, thanks, but don't get too jealous - next set of exams is at the start of June!!!

Harriet said...

oh no, that's horrible! That soon?!

Claire said...

Ohhhh yeah, the "pleasures" of the graduate diploma in law at Oxford Brookes!!! It could be worse - the other courses have all the exams in the same month. At least, I'm telling myself that's worse...!