Monday, 18 May 2009


On Saturday because we had to work and could not go out to party Eurovision-style, my flatmates and I had our own mini Eurovision party at home!

We dressed up in our best Eurotrash outfits, ate pizza...


And, er... drank tea..!


I wasn't so sure about the winning entry at first but it's really grown on me. Plus the (rather pretty!) singer wrote the song himself, and played the violin in it:

My favourite was probably the Ukraine simply because the singer actually mortgaged her flat to pay for the set! I guess she didn't have enough money left over for the backing dancers costumes...


Claire said...

LOVE! We used to have Eurovision parties, but those days are on hiatus - I forgot it was on until a friend texted!

I'm sorry but when I heard it first, the Norwegian chappy was out of tune and v shouty! I'm glad he played the violin himself, but really, be in tune if you're inging! I also loved the Ukraine entry - who doesn't need half-naked centurions dancing??

Although the "Balkan Girls" by Romania (the one where Graham Norton was like "you're meant to sing live - there's a woman in a blue dress mysteriously on the right hand side of the stage) is STILL in my head. Very frustrating!

Sherin said...

I was watching in my pjs, like usual. Its a sort of tradition now. But I did love Graham Nortons sarcasm.
I knew norway were going to win from the start because it was such a catchy song, but I also loved Germany's entry.

Mermaid said...

Aww you look super cute.

Anonymous said...

I've watched it, too... and I love the zipper dress you're wearing :).