Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Inspired by Coraline

I went to see Coraline (in 3D!) at the cinema last night. Although it was out in the US in february it's only just made in to these fair shores, but it was worth the wait!

I love Neil Gaiman and like most crazy fangirls I worship the very ground he walks upon, so I think it would have been hard for me to dislike this film (even though I admit the Stardust film wasn't the best) but it was just perfect. Really creepy and unsettling from the beginning, as it was supposed to be, with the most gorgeous sets and animation.

I loved Coraline's stylised world, especially the 'other' world, and the 3D glasses definitely enhanced the film, although it was subtle enough that I didn't feel like it was being forced at me. Coraline herself was great - a fantastic heroine with awesome style to boot!

Key items: a yellow raincoat and wellington boots, bright orange pyjamas, a key round your neck, dragonfly jewellary, a satchel, military style hats, blue hair and nails, buttons on everything, candyfloss, a starry sweater, a doll that looks just like you (imagine how creepy that would be!), stripy gloves, a bright pink house.

Geek Out...

.Give yourself a coraline makeover at
.All the clothes in Coraline were hand made on tiny knitting needles!
.Spell out your name in Coraline Letters



Leia said...

I really want to see Coraline, now! Haven't seen Stardust, though, so I'm not sure what kind of thing to expect. That last picture you posted is SO creepy!

Sherin said...

I am dying to see Coraline. I loved Stardust though. Wow, you got her outfits done perfectly.
Seeing as I've just finished my exams, I'm definitely going to geek out on the links you've given.

Mermaid said...

Ahh I love Coraline and those are cute polyvore sets. I didn't really expect anything at all out of Stardust, but ended up enjoying it.

Harriet said...

I did enjoy Stardut, but as it's my favourite Neil Gaiman book I was always a bit wary that it wouldn't live up to expectations (They changed the ending dammit!)

Coraline is directed by Henry Selick - the same guy who directed Nightmare before Christmas, so if you've seen that you'll definitely get the idea of his style - creepy and weird stories to scare children!

Leia said...

Sherin and I just went to see Coraline the other day! What's the ending like in the book? Maybe I need to find myself a copy!