Sunday, 3 May 2009

Lazy Sunday Links

Photo Coutesy Buzzsugar

.Pictures from the Gossip Girl Lily spinoff are on Buzzsugar. I love Gossip Girl and I really love the 80s, so this is heaven for me! (How amazing is the polkadot dress in the pic above?!)

.Amber at Code for Something posted some really cool scrabble adverts. I'm currently having my arse kicked on several online scrabble games via facebook, so maybe I need to get the actual game and get some practise in?

.I'm finding it really hard to know what to think about this Chanel advert (via fabsugar). On the one hand I love the Chanel fast food wrapping, and visually it's very arresting, but however ironic it may be, I just can't get past Karl's quote which is... just no!

.On the Chanel bandwagon though, the Guardian has photos from the life of Coco Chanel, as well as the actresses that have played her.

.Etrapar did a post on the London based label Eyola, which has some amazing eye candy.

.Hifashion have tips for shopping in the sales (I might have to have another 'revision break' tomorrow and make it down to the shops myself, I really need new shoes...)

.Mermaid in a Manhole has a post on the gorgeous Rita Hayworth while The View From Here has tips on dressing like Audrey in Funny Face.

That's all I've got, see you next week!


Claire said...

Thanks for the sout-out - a good selection of links there!!!! I'm going straight to Rita Heyworth - she was GORGEOUS!!!!

Sherin said...

I can't wait at all for the gossip girl spinoff and don't worry, you can't be any worse at scrabble than me...For some reason, I never get any vowels...

Leia said...

Oh wow! I had no idea there was going to be a GG spinoff. Am so addicted to that show!

And I can't WAIT till that Chanel movie! Love Audrey Tautou. Let us know if you get anything good in the sales - I recently got a pair of excellent-condition Beverly Feldman shoes on eBay that I need to post about...