Sunday, 10 May 2009

Lazy Sunday Links

Sept '06 153
picture courtesy Lord Jim

.First off, Nubby Twiglet's thoughts on blogging is a great read for anyone blogging, thinking about blogging, thinking about the blogging that they do etc!

.This girl has an amazing collection of beaded vintage purses which I am so in love with! I have a few of my own (although not as many as her!) which I must get around to doing a post about someday - and my mum has an amazing collection too.

.I think Megan's Aesthetic Affirmations are a really fun idea.

.Can I have this house please?

.I think this is a really interesting post on Ellen Von Unworth, and sexism in the fashion industry in general.

.This is a fun schoolhouse fashion shoot! I also really enjoyed the colour in this one.


Leia said...

Gorgeous house... great schoolhouse shoot, too!

Emily said...

I love your picture. That is a fabulous quote- simply fabulous. -e

Cari (isnotfashion) said...

great quote! love the vintage purses too... xo Cari