Sunday, 17 May 2009

Lazy Sunday Links

Marilyn Monroe
Picture courtesy myvintagevogue

.A great Marilyn Monroe picspam over at ohnotheydidn't.

.Speaking of, here's loads of gorgeous modern actresses dressed as old school pinups.

.A Softer World is one of my favourite webcomics. See 'the making of...' video here!

.I also love Natalie Dee's comics too! So fun.

.These daily weather forecasts are so cute - way better than the regular boring weather! Via this is weeny.

.This tumblr is full of beautiful things.

.Motto for life!


Leia said...

Love the Marilyn pics! Especially the white swimsuit/red spotted umbrella. And she's tiny, but *eats food* and is curvy - unlike so many of the models of today! And those pin-up pics are fab as well. Thanks for sharing!

Mermaid said...

Ahhh! That second link has so many of my lady crushes looking so amazing. Some of them really don't have the face to pull it off, but so many of them do! BOTH of the Watchmen ladies are in there toooo. Ohmygooooood. Thanks for posting!

Sheena said...

I third the pinups thing! What a find!