Thursday, 28 May 2009

Things I Love Thursday

.Bands with male and female vocalists. At the moment my playlist is full of Stars (greatest band ever?), The Chalets, Alphabeat and The Beautiful South to keep my spirits up!

.Almost half way through my exams! After tomorrow I'll only have four left, woo!

.The guy in my exam room today who sat his exam in a full suit, without any shoes...

.The crazy wallpaper in the medical library. It's a black and white repeating pattern made up of bones and body parts - distracting, a little bit creepy, but very cool! I tried to find a picture online but all my googlefu came up with was desktop wallpapers of Grey's Anatomy!

.Giggling hysterically with my housemates over the washing up!

.Adorable boys who ask you out dancing on non-date dates...

1 comment:

Sherin said...

Lol at the guy in the suit but no shoes. But its always weird when people overdress for exams.
Good Luck for the rest of your exams.