Thursday, 4 June 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Just time for a super quick TiLT post before I go to bed!

.High heels. I've got to the stage where getting dressed is just way too much effort, and I've been wearing basically the same thing for the past three days (!) but today I added my comfiest pair of heels, and it's amazing what a mood lifter they were! Suddenly I was walking a little taller and a faster, and feeling much more confident and positive about the world!

.Being so close to the end! Of University that is - one piece of coursework to finish this weekend and two exams are all that stand between me and freedom!

.Planning my trip to Durham next weekend.

.Tickets for Singing in the Rain at the Bristol Hippodrome *grin* It's probably my favourite movie ever!

.Eating pizza in the park.

.Coffee fueled insanity.

.My own set of wheels! I have/am getting a car! (I have the car jsut need to get insurance sorted out before I can drive it) Perfect timing for summer roadtrips.


Sherin said...

Good Luck for the end of uni. I finished a few weeks ago and was loving the weather...until yesterday.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Coffee fueled insanity - yes, I'm going through that right now. Love! :)