Thursday, 11 June 2009

Things I Love Thursday

.Being done with exams (but you all knew I was going to say that, right?)

.Musicals! Today I went to see the stage show of Singing in the Rain. Me and my housemates have seen the film about 500 times, and so when we discovered the stage show was on near us we had to have tickets! While no one can beat Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor, they did a pretty good job trying, and there was even 'real' rain on stage!

.Getting postcards

.Lula magazine.

.When you ring up companies expecting to be put on hold for forever and get through to someone straight away. Even better if it's to a middle aged Westcountry lady who calls you 'pet' and 'love'! Well played Virgin Media, well played.

.New sunglasses. Totally shamelessly huge, bug-eyed and fabulous!

.How quickly I've settled in to this doing nothing lark! Was I really still working away on monday?

.Barbeques in the park and gin and tonics, mmmm!

.Going to Durham tomorrow! Just for the weekend, but I've been looking forward to it for weeks! Everything from the six or seven hour car trip up there with six of my friends (we're going to hate each other..!) to doing some serious martial arts training, meeting some new and old faces and boating on the river if the weather holds, yay! See you on Monday!



Sherin said...

Well done! Enjoy your freedom before you start work.
I'm waiting for it to get a few degrees warmer and then its all about the barbeques.

Leia said...

Yay, you're done!

I love musicals, too, although I've never seen Singing in the Rain live. I've heard a lot about Lula magazine; where do you find it in the UK? I haven't seen it at newsstands and corner shops...

Oh, and it's *amazing* when you a real person (as opposed to a machine) picks up the phone and actually talks to you, rather than transferring you to 10 other people!

Have a looverly weekend! xx

Becky C. said...

I adore your blog! TiLT entries make me so happy.

Have fun in Durham :) two of my bestest online friends live there, & I'd love to brave the 6 hr+ train journey up there and surprise them on their doorsteps.

Harriet said...

Leia - I've only ever found Lula at bigger bookshops that import foreign magazines, like Borders and such. What we really need is a British Lula I think!

Sherin - It wasn't exactly the weather for a barbeque but we'd been planning it for ages (Well, a weekend!) so we did it anyway! At least we had a warm fire to huddle round...

Becky - Thank you so much! Durham is a beautiful city, I would really recommend going there if you can! The Car journey was a bit painful though, I agree!