Tuesday, 2 June 2009

June Wishlist

This is my fantasy wishlist for June.

Clockwise from top left:

1. A holiday! I really want to pack my bags and go somewhere exciting *sigh*...
2. Liquid eyeliner. I've always been a pencil eyeliner girl (shakey hands y'see) but recently I've been spending far too long looking at pictures of girls with gorgeous cat-eyemakeup and pencil just don't cut it anymore
3. Sunglasses. I have a bad habit of sitting on my sunglasses, which is how my last pair went kaput, so I'm in the market!
4. A nice new white blouse and black skirt. My graduation is (grades permitting!) on the horizon now, and while our dress code is a bit boring I want something really nice so I don't feel too much like a waitress.
5. A fan. Phew it's hot!
6. Iced coffee - ditto! It (and the cute barista at Starbucks!) has been my saviour during long hot summer days in the library recently.
7. A pair of Melissa shoes. I've been uhming and ahhing over these for a while now, first they were on sale but not in my size, and now they're back in my size but no longer on sale and I just. don't. know. Argh!
8. Black nail varnish. Nothing like a bit of goth to counteract the sunshine...
9. White tights. I don't know why really, I just really fancy some!

What's on your wishlist for June?


Claire said...

A holiday!
To finish exams and the GDL (I've got a big fat essay to do after exams)
Also a black skirt - my own graduation is coming up in July and whilst I do already own the sub fusc, I need a proper black skirt for life in general/work etc.
Strawberries. Smoothies. Salad. Healthy icecream type things.
More shoes. Always more shoes. Although I'm living in my Havaianas atm.

Sherin said...

*sigh*, I'm craving a holiday too. I think we all deserve one right now. At least the weather hasn't been that bad here in London.