Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Daily Outfit - July 14th 2009

My sister is really crafty (in the 'arts and' sense!) so she took me to a local cafe last week, where you can paint your own pottery. It was so much fun, a bit expensive perhaps, but that only meant we were determined to enjoy ourselves more and use every colour of paint and glaze available!

P1030030 P1030034

I wore this outfit, which perhaps was a mistake as the top is vintage silk which I stole from my mother's wardrobe (very dry-clean only!) but I managed the whole thing without getting paint on me, yay!

Black silk top - Vintage (my mother's)
Stripey sailor trousers - Topshop petite range
Black T-bar shoes - Dune
Sunglasses - H&M
Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs

I'm not much of a trouser-wearer really, but for these I make an exception!


Here's the bowl I made - we collected them today. I was actually quite pleased with how it came out!

ps I finally made myself a header for this blog, so if you visit it and see the colours and background changing madly that's just because I'm playing around with colour schemes - don't worry!


Leia said...

Those trousers look so comfortable! And I love the bowl - you did an excellent job. For some reason, your header isn't loading for me (I blame my slow internet connection) but I will come back and have a look later! :)

Anonymous said...

that bowl's lovely and i love your outfit <3

sherin said...

Love the outfit! You look so good. Those trousers look so great. And am loving the new header: very very cool.
Well done with the bowl. I am the least creative/artistic person in the world, so I always get excited when I saee other people doing fun, artistic stuff.

Becky C. said...

Adorable bowl!

& damn those dry-clean only pieces! I suspect you could hand-wash it, but even so it does seem like a risk.