Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Every fashionista's worst nightmare!

Moths! The Common Clothes Moth to be exact. My mother and I are naturally quite hysterical! Luckily most of our clothes seem to be free from holes etc, so it can't be that big a problem, although the guy from rentakill keeps talking about 'an infestation' - which is (I hope!) making it sound a lot worse than it is!!

The worst part of it is that in addition to three cycles of fumigation in the house every item of clothing we own must be washed at 65 degrees C, and if it's too delicate for that it must be dry-cleaned. You can imagine the dollar signs in the eyes of the drycleaners - that's a lot of clothes!

This has therefore lead to an extra ruthless clear-out by me of my wardrobe today, as I am looking at everything and thinking 'will it survive a wash at 65?' and 'Is it worth a £4 drycleaning fee?'. The answer, I'm afraid, is actually 'no' for a lot of things.

Has your wardrobe ever suffered from moths? Or have you ever had another reason to ruthlessly cut down your wardrobe? Any tips for me? I think my main problem is that so many clothes I don't wear anymore, but have so many memories attached that parting with them is tough.

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