Monday, 13 July 2009


So this is what I did on Friday...


I actually wrote a whole post about it on Thursday before I went and then forgot to post it, oops! Anyway, this weekend I graduated from University. I had such a great day, but it was very odd seeing all my friends and lecturers, along with my parents, and all of their parents in the same place!

I don't think I really realised how short my skirt was until I was walking up the steps of the stage to recieve my degree, but it was a tad indecent perhaps! Oh well, I felt pretty good in what I was wearing which is the main thing!

I think this photo with my dad shows off my outfit the best.

Black bubble hem skirt - Miss Selfridge
White shirt - Warehouse
Gown and maroon hood - Ede and Ravenscroft I guess!
Black T-bar shoes - Dune
Headband - Johnny Loves Rosie at Topshop
Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs


Sherin said...

Congratulations on graduating!! You look great, and I love that headband. For some reason, our grad ceromony is in November :(. Got a long wait!

Leia said...

Congratulations! I wish we graduated sooner - like Sherin said, we have to wait till November! It doesn't make any senes to me at all. Oh, and you look great - I think it was very bold of you to wear that headband but you totally pulled it off! The skirt doesn't look short to me, but I can imagine it felt shorter when walking up steps.

Alice Saga said...



Maria Confer said...

Congratulations on graduating from University!!

Your outfit was so adorable and I love your bow!!!

Thanks so much for your super sweet comment!!

Dubai Stylista said...

Congratulations! Eventful weekend, what with graduating and all! You look great, I love the outfit. And the bow! I completely forgot to include it in my trends to stay article. Lovely.

Claire said...

You look great!!! I'm graduating myself this weekend and I cannot wait (it's a year since I got my result, but Oxford is crazy when it comes to graduation... amongst other things!)

Harriet said...

Thank you so much for the comments! Sherin and Leia - it's so rubbish that you have to wait so long to graduate, I guess at least it will be really nice when you do go back and get to see everyone again.

I wasn't allowed to wear a cap, so I decided I was going to go with the giant bow instead! My parents were sat way up on a balcony above me, so it meant they could tell who I was which helped!