Thursday, 16 July 2009

Things I Love Thursday

The Girl Graduate
Photo courtesy staunchthrowback

I have a lot of love for the world this Thursday!

.Being a graduate!

.Holding my first blog competition (which any US readers can enter here!) I was really worried when I posted it - I kept thinking what if noone enters?! Luckily my fears were unfounded!

.Late night porridge snacks with gooseberry & stawberry jam. mmm I love jam!

.Planning. I have so many exciting things I want to do, and with my mild obsessive streak the planning is almost the best part!

.The boy is coming to stay and meet my parents for the first time, argh! Perhaps this doesn't totally come under things I love, but I think (hope!) they'll get on really well. I love showing people round London and all my favourite places, so it's going to be a fun weekend regardless!

.Having the luxury of loads of time every morning to plan my outfit for the day.

.The Gilmore Girls. I missed it first time around and only ever see the repeats when I'm home, and I love that show! It just makes me want to give the TV a big hug!

.Getting my hair cut. I'm going this afternoon, and it needs a cut and a colour so badly, I can't wait! I never do anything radical with my hair, I'm too scared, but nothing beats that freshly cut feeling of knowing you look amazing, and pausing to admire yourself in every parked car window! Or is that just me?

.Wine and Cheese tasting.

.I have applied for a short term contract job, so that would be great if I get it to start getting a bit of money in my pocket. I also applied for my local volunteering agency, and said I'd do pretty much anything, so fingers crossed they'll get back to me - I hate doing nothing!


Claire said...

Gooseberry jam?? AMAZING! I must get some for my own porridge :)

I'M GOING TO BE A GRADUATE ON SATURDAY!!!! I am too too excited by this.

Leia said...

So many lovely things this week! I also love the Gilmore Girls and really want to watch the series from beginning to end. Also, it does feel great to get a haircut! What color are you dyeing it?

Good luck with the job! And I hope your boy gets on well with your parents!

sherin said...

I'm loving what you're loving. I'm a graduate and I'm planning all these summer activities. Volunteering is great. I'm doing something with cancer research at the moment and it feels so good do someting like this.

Harriet said...

CLaire - congratulations!! I hope you'll post pictures!

Leia - it's dark red/brown, and I love it, though unfortunately it's stained my bathroom a bit so my mum and I have spent this morning cleaning it up in case the boy thinks that's the remainder of the last guy I brought home or something!!

Sherin - Oh wow, cancer research sounds good, my friend's mum works for them I think. I really hope they find something for me to do, as I'd really like to feel I'd done something worthwhile this summer.

Cassie said...

I got a fringe cut for the first time since I was 12 a couple of days ago so I've been doing the car (and shop) window thing way too much :)

Damsels said...

yum wine and cheese what more can you ask for :)
im gonna get it on this giveaway of yours