Saturday, 1 August 2009

August Wishlist

Here's my fantasy wishlist for August. Clockwise from top left:

1. A cute yet practical backpack. Does such a thing even exist?
2. A waterproof coat (something I should have got around to getting a long time ago!)
3. Coral coloured nail varnish
4. An oversized grey beret for bad hair days!
5. Kyo Hashimoto cloud necklace
6. New pjs - I threw out a load I had since I was eleven so I'm in search of something new and snuggly!
7. Interesting studs (of the earring variety!)
8. A pair of oxfords
9. A guide book to Italy
10. Long socks for dealing with unpredictable weather
11. Transitional items of clothing that will take me from summer to autumn like this skirt.

What's on your August wishlist?


Sherin said...

I love that skirt. I have one of those on my wishlist as well. I just bought an oversized grey beret and I love it! Perfect for bad hairdays

ashleigh said...

i just bought a pair of oxfords identical to those for 6 bucks at goodwill the other week. i don't know how to wear them, though - i've never worn heels!

Amber said...

+1 for the grey beret! Are you off to Italy, if so when?