Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Daily Outfit - August 11th 2009

P10302782 P1030280

Dress - TK Maxx
Socks - Falke
Shoes - Topshop
Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Necklace - Anna Lou of London

This is what I wore today. It wasn't very exciting, but then I got a bit cold and added the shoes and socks, et voila!

The socks I love, but I don't wear them often as they fall down and I'm forever pulling them up again! The shoes are new, in the last of the topshop saale I still managed to score a couple of bargains.


Claire said...

I think the socks add to the outfit, definitely a good look! You don't come across as trying to be a Lolita either, which is a good thing!! Whenever I try knee high socks, they just don't work for me.

Becky C. said...

Gorgeous dress! It looks super-cute with the socks.

Leia said...

I absolutely love that dress! I'm a bit scared of trying knee-high socks but they look perfect on you :)

Mariah said...

You look great! I love you outfit. Your necklace is gorgeous. Like the color combination.

Dina-Dyorre said...

ADORE those shoes. I actually really wanted to buy them.
And I think you should definitely go back and visit Hever, it's so beautiful it gave me chills.