Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Daily Outfit - August 4th 2009


Hello Stranger, I'm back from Devon! The weather was wet, cold and windy but I had a fantastic time. I stayed in a cute holiday cottage, and spent my days going to the beach (despite weather!), playing epic games of Jenga and Chinese Checkers and drinking homemade cocktails of our own devising!

This is what I am wearing today to run a few errands in town, then meet my friend Edward for coffee and go see Coco Avant Chanel with my mum this evening. As you may be able to tell the weather isn't much better now I'm home!

P1030254 P1030258

Blue Beret - Accessorize
T-shirt - River Island
Sailor Cardi - Kate Moss at Topshop
Navy skirt - Mango
Blue Jelly Shoes - Melissa
Bag - a gift (I think it was peacocks!)

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Leia said...

Harriet, you look fab! Wish I could pull off the red/white/blue look, but I think it just looks silly with my skin tone. Enjoy your day! :)