Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Better Late than Never

I spent yesterday mooching around the house and recovering from my epic camping adventure. I had a great time, although I think in truth I am just not a camping person. Still I loved making campfire coffee on the outdoor stove and barbecuing everything and especially just sitting outside the tent with the proudest 'yup, this is my tent' smile on my face!

While I was away my second pair of glasses from glassesdirect.co.uk turned up! I was so pleased as they were ridiculously cheap and I love them to pieces. Originally they sent them to me with the wrong prescription, but they were really good about taking them back and correcting them all for free and without any hassle.


The first pair are a more classic Nicole Farhi pair which were still very reasonably priced for designer frames.


The second are my geek chic glasses, which were a bargainiferous £24 including lenses. They are slightly too big for my head, but I figure that simply adds to the librarian chic as I push them up my nose while I'm reading, or wear them on a chain round my neck! They are the Cosmopolitan, and come on about ten different colours, so I am seriously tempted to pick them up in red, white and turquoise as well! Perhaps it's a good thing I'm on a spendthrift kick!

Do you wear glasses? I have a few friends who love their contact lenses, but I would never give up my love for glasses, even if I could see properly!


Leia said...

I love the first pair! They really suit you. I wear glasses, too - I would wear contact lenses all the time if I could, but I have sensitive eyes so can't wear them every day or for too many hours. I don't mind the way glasses look, but I just find them troublesome - especially on sunny days or when exercising!

Sherin said...

The first pair look great on you. I love geek glasses. My face is way too small for me to wear them though...

I'm on the look out for a nice pair of glasses. I've looked at glassesdirect and love some of the stuff they have there.
I just need to go to the opticians and get my actual prescription.

Couture Carrie said...

Love your glasses! I have some similar Gucci frames but I don't really need them so I forget to wear them ~ yours look fab!