Thursday, 27 August 2009

Things I Love Thursday


.Coming home. Even after a great holiday it's still lovely! The fact that the kettle doesn't take 25 minutes to boil, I can stand up straight in my bedroom, there's no worry that I'll awake in three inches of water... bliss!

.Veronica Mars on E4 (Maybe we'll get a region 2 boxset eventually?) It's quite possibly my favourite tv show ever. She's a highschool student who is also a private detective, can you get more cool than that? Actually it is better than it sounds!

.Flicking through big books on Italian Renaissance art. Can I marry Botticelli please? And speaking of which, less than two weeks until I go to Italy! I'm switching between intense panic and overwhelming excitement!

.Strangers telling you you look lovely (in a non creepy way!)

.Off to Bristol this weekend to see the old crowd (I've been away from university about six weeks, it seems like forever!) Looking forward to hanging out at the jazz festival with lots of my favourite people, quality time with the boy, and breakfast plans with my Bristol bff.

.Meeting up with London bff Reda to visit the climate camp near my house (a very nice young man came to the door to tell me all about it and invite me along!) Then I figure we can always undo all the activism by going to Starbucks!

Honourable Mentions: falafels - joining twitter (finally!) - when I've had a crap day TiLT making me see my life ain't so bad - a really helpful lady at the bank - coming to the conclusion that you can never watch too many friends repeats - getting brought coffee in bed :)


Hayles said...

Yay, more people loving Veronica Mars. I have a deep love for Logan.

Leia said...

I used to watch Veronica Mars, too! Has the series been cancelled, though?

Vixel said...

I've never watched Veronica Mars, but it sounds entertaining - I need more amusing "fluff" TV, I'm almost out of Buffy!

Welcome to Twitter!

Harriet said...

Hayles - Logan was so much better than Duncan (boring!) although I think Wallace was always the man for me ;)

Leia - Alas Veronica Mars has been cancelled (I think the third series went pretty downhill from the first two) but it still holds a special place in my heart which I would love to be able to immortalize in my dvd collection! I'll settle for repeats on tv though!

Vixel - I'd definitely recommend Veronica Mars if you like arse kicking female leads! I think it's got a lot in common with Buffy if you take away the fantasy bit.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, Veronica Mars. Love that show! It's so upsetting to me that it was canceled - but we can still hear Kristen Bell as the voice of Gossip Girl - so that's a consolation! :)