Friday, 4 September 2009

Blogger Event: Go Find it!

A ransacked Joy store!

I was lucky enough to be invited by Sherin from HiFashion to a fantastic blogger event last night. Hosted by Joy and Ford Ka, every Friday in September they will be hiding tiny silver cars in Joy shops, and each one wins you a Joy voucher worth £10-£100!

L-R Nicola and guest (I'm so sorry, I don't remember your name!), Lucy, Claire and Sherin

We arrived at the Bankside Joy a little bit early (after I got completely lost getting out of London Bridge Station!) and met up with some other bloggers and guests, including Claire from The View From Here, who it was great to finally meet in person, as well as others like Aimee Marie and Nicola from F.A.B. And then we were let in! Naturally we all had our eyes peeled for the little cars, but they managed to tempt us away from our quest with really yummy cupcakes (with little cars on the top naturally!) and champagne, before explaining the treasure hunt.

Sherin and I with our prizes!

There was a silver car each worth £60 in vouchers, and so let loose we ransacked the shop just a little bit! There were even a few extra ones as well, although they ran out of vouchers so some people who found extra cars didn't get any more, which was a bit sad. I was very happy with mine though, and we all came out clutching our bags very excitedly!

P1030340 P1030343
Happy Bloggers with bags!

So what did I purchase with a car's worth of vouchers?


This fabulous dress by Yumi, a cute Louche pink bird necklace, and bow earrings (which I couldn't get a good photo of as they're quite tiny!) which took me to £59, so I went on a hunt for something that cost £1, which ended up being some cinnamon flavoured chewing gum!



Sherin said...

Hehe, it was such a great evening! I didn't notice that the cupcakes had cars on them, lol: I was too busy stuffing my face.
But the pics came out great and I'm so glad you came with me!

Claire said...

YEYYY! It was great to meet you too finally after so much blogging time!

Claire said...

My friend is Lucy btw :)

Anonymous said...

Love it Harriet! Glad you had a fun time!

Harriet said...

Claire - edited to add her name, thankyou!

Leia said...

You all looked so pretty, ahh I wish I could have been there! Love the Yumi dress :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, yay it's you and Sherin! :)

That dress is divine - I want it! Glad you had a good time! :)

Dina-Dyorre said...

OHHH you are all so pretty! Glad you had a great time - Joy is a super-awesome shop :)