Monday, 14 September 2009

Italian Style

This is my standard uniform while I'm in Italy.
It's going to be hot hot hot so light jersey dresses that resist sweat and don't crumple are a must. Light, pretty scarves for covering my head and shoulders when visiting churches, comfortable jelly shoes and a big pair of sunglasses complete my outfit.

Accessories wise I am taking big statement black and silver jewellary, a big black bag with a zip for keeping all my various bits and bobs safe, including my camera, tickets and passport naturally, plus a copy of a book by my favourite italian author and my guidebook, notebook and pen!

All I need is a cup of fantastic Italian coffee and I'm set!


Leia said...

I'm so jealous that you're going to Italy! I've been to Venice and Sicily, but I'm *dying* to go to Rome. My Sicilian friend's brother lives in Milan, so we might go there for a long weekend some time this year, which would be amazing! I'll probably have to save up for clothes-shopping now, lol. Have a wonderful time! xx

Amy said...

Love the parasol! Really cute :)

Amy xo