Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Do you have a fascination with people with the same name as you? Harriet is common enough that there are plenty out there, but rare enough that I am always fascinated when I hear about or meet another one.

Harriet Tubman. one of the first famous Harriets I came across, and one of the ones I am proudest to share my name with. A nurse and spy during the American Civil War, she was an escaped slave who risked her own life over and over to help save other slaves.

constance cummings
Harriet Vane. Fictional detective writer and later wife of Lord Peter Wimsey, Dorothy L Sawyer's famous detective. (Played by several actresses but in the 1940s by the beautiful Constance Cummings) The couple meet when she is on trial for her lover's murder, and as a fictional character of the 20s and 30s is one of the first generation of women to recieve a degree from Oxford (like the author herself).

Harriet the Spy. Could the children's book character from the 60s be quite possibly the coolest Harriet ever? I know she's got me beat hands down!

Harriet Wheeler. Lead singer of 90s indie band The Sundays. They had a cult following and were featured in an episode of Buffy (where I first heard of them). A cover of their song Here's Where the Story Ends by Tin Tin Out reached number 7 in the UK chart. Also the band formed at my old university - Bristol!

Harriet the Tortoise. Also known as Darwin's Tortoise, she was brought to England from the Galapagos Islands on the Beagle before being taken to Australia where she lived for 175 years, making her the second oldest recorded Tortoise ever!

Are you haunted by other people with your name?! Or proud of its uniqueness? Names often carry so many associations with them, it's strange to meet another 'you' and realise how different or similar you are! Who do you share your name with?

Pictures courtesy britannica online,,, national parks service, flickr


Leia said...

I love Harriet the Spy!

My name comes from Princess Leia of Star Wars. I don't think I'm anything like her (although I've only seen one of the movies, so I guess I don't know...)

I've never met another Leia! I've heard of Leahs, Leas, and Leilas, but never Leia. It's kind of cool to have a less common name, too! Also nice because everyone refers to me as "Princess" :)

S.Elisabeth said...

Harriet the Spy awesome!! Hmm my name, Samantha, is fairly common, though not as popular as one would think. I love it when I hear in movies, etc!