Thursday, 3 September 2009


.Off with Sherin from HiFashion tonight to the Joy/Ford Ka bloggers meetup and shopping trip! Very excited, looking forward to meeting people and some good shopping. Although I hope this rain stops - I'm wearing a dryclean only skirt (the bain of my life)!

.Boris Akunin books. I am so in love with his main character.

.Old computer games like Theme Park and Theme Hospital. Anyone remember them? I've been having a nostalgic time recently and loaded them all back up on my computer.

.Finally having booked all my bits and pieces for Italy (including my return plane!) and the fact that my lovely friend Reda will be meeting me in Milan for Shopping with a capital S!

.My friend Eleanor is getting married! On Saturday! I had a long outfit discussion/trying on session with my mum last night and we have finally worked out what we are gonig to wear.

.Full English Breakfasts. So good, though I fear I over indulged somewhat this weekend so I'm being super healthy this week to make up for it.

.Bristol Jazz Festival. Had a great time, saw loads of people I love and listened to some awesome Jazz. What more could I want?


Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Cute! :D It sounds like you've had a lovely week, and may you have a very fabulous weekend! <3

Sherin said...

The Joy/Ford Ka bloggers meetup was so much fun. I'm so glad you came.

And I had a full breakfast this morning for the first time in ages! It felt good.

Harriet said...

Corrine - I did indeed , thank you!

Sherin - you made it home on time I hope? Was so lovely last night, thanks again, does the skirt fit?!