Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Weddings again!

Last week one of my oldest friend's (we met at primary school and have been at the same school ever since, even at university!) got married. Naturally she looked gorgeous, and really really tall! She's tall and beautiful anyway, when we were younger it felt like every time we went out in London we would get model scouts coming up to her (while little old shortie me felt like very lemonlike in comparison!), but obviously she looked extra lovely on her wedding day.


As wedding favours she and her husband Sam had their own blend of tea made up, and we all got a little pot of it, how cute is that?


I wore mostly the same outfit as the last wedding I went to, but with a change of dress, and the addition of a lot of pearls!

P1030363 P1030362

Dress - Traffic People at Topshop Oxford Circus
Pearl necklaces (one worn as bracelet) and earrings - vintage
Shoes - Melissa
Shawl - made by my mum
Fascinator - a gift (I got so many compliments, I love it!)
Bag - Chanel


Becky C. said...

Such a beautiful wedding outfit! I adore your mini top hap. :)

Sherin said...

Love your outfit! Its gorgeous and I love that Fascinator.
How weird is it that our friends have started to get married. I still feel really young!

Dubai Stylista said...

You look lovely! The fascinator is FAB.

Ashe Mischief said...

Love this look! Definitely see hints of the Aristocratic Trapeze Artist in it!