Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Investment Pieces

I have been uhm-ing and ahh-ing (and also argh-ing!) for a while now about investing in a designer handbag. Over and over I have heard all about the merits of buying designer - style, longevity, ethics, price-per-wear, craftsmanship etc etc but to be honest even taking all this into account the ridiculous price tags that come with many designer bags really put me off. Could I really justify spending so much money on one item?

So as a bit of an experiment I went on an internet hunt (and a v important reconnaissance trip to Selfridges!) for stylish investment handbags for under £500. Although this is still an awful lot of money, it felt much more achievable that the £1000s designer handbags regularly seem to be advertised for. I found that designer's diffusion labels (D&G, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Emporio Armani etc) were my best bet as most designer handbags, with the exception of the odd £100 or so canvas shopper (one hundred pounds for a piece of canvas with a strap?!) were well out of my reach.

All bags can be found on netaporter, farfetch, mywardrobe and luella.

Marc by Marc Jacobs is definitely my number one choice. I found a good range of styles, sizes and colours both in the shops and online. Luella, Anya Hindmarch and Vivienne Westwood were some of the few designers which had decent sized day bags from their main line for under the magic £500 sum. See by Chloe was another cheaper diffusion label with a lot of choice for under £500, however if you wish to carry around more than a lipstick you're probably better off looking elsewhere!

Have you, or would you think about investing in a designer bag? Or is it just way too much money to even contemplate?!


Cafe Fashionista said...

I get sick of bags after a certain period of time; therefore, I can't see myself investing in a designer bag. I always buy replicas that are inexpensive. I have a Balenciaga replica and a Marc by Marc Jacobs replica - both were bought for less than $50 apiece at Shop Suey Boutique, and are absolutely gorgeous! :)

Sherin said...

I'm the same as Cafe. I get bored of my bags quickly, so I don't know how worth it would be buying an expensive one.
But I do believe that everyone should own one designer handbag. I have a Chloe bag, which I love sooo much.

Claire said...

I am not a bag girl. I use the same bag for months (currently, my Matt and Nat bag, I've been using for a year and a half) so I probably should invest. I invested in The Jacket (as I'm sure you've seen!) and I very much not do NOT regret it. It's something that's so special, that I bought in Paris, which looks good ALL the time and which is amazing.

Becky C. said...

Luella and Marc Jacobs please :)

I also have a lovely pink Matt & Nat bag, though it is too huge to carry around daily so I use my £10 Urban Outfitters one.

Little Red said...

I love that purple Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. It looks fab!

As for me, the most expensive bag I have is a Michael by Michael Kors that cost $400. I absolutely love it. I've always wanted to invest in a Chanel bag though. I'm sure I'll be willing to spend the cash on it one day!

Sinta said...

I love designer bags, but always, less is more for me ;) I only want one of a certain colour. So I'm delaying forever on buying a gorgeous black bag, to save up and buy the black Chanel 2.55.

I adore Marc Jacobs and that bag looks great! He has wonderful style.

Kb said...

I very much love designer bags, I only have one atm but am hoping to buy a Mulberry soon. The reason I can justify this is that I don't really buy bags on the high street and only occasionally get a sale bargain or stuff from charity shops. I'm quite happy to carry my large Topshop bag on a day to day basis, and save the Luella for more special occasions. If you have the money, I'd definitely get one but perhaps waiting until Boxing Day sales. Choose a classic colour and style and you'll be wearing it for years!

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

Lovely bags, such a great post :)

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