Thursday, 22 October 2009

Things I Love Thursday


.Listening to Halloween music!

.Spoonfuls of honey. The set kind especially although runny is good too.

.Tickets to see Thea Gilmore this weekend!

.Reading about the 1920s and 1930s. I'm endlessly fascinated by this period of history for some reason.

.Hot water bottles. It's so cold right now!

.homemade scones. I spent yesterday at my grandparents' house and was force-fed all day! Not that I complained too much!

.I'm off to visit my Surrey bff Kate on Monday. I haven't seen her since I was in Rome and she deserted me to go do a Masters, I can't wait to see where she's living now and catch up.

.Tidying my room. It's mainly because my mother has guests staying in it while I am away this weekend, but it makes me feel so much calmer when it's neat and tidy.

What are you loving this Thursday?

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daisychain said...

Thank you, love your blog