Thursday, 8 October 2009

Two Poets Hitchiking on a Highway

  Today is National Poetry Day in the United Kingdom. This is my very favourite poem, what's yours?

Of course I tried to tell him
but he cranked his head

without an excuse.

I told him the sky chases

the sun

And he smiled and said:

'What's the use.'

I was feeling like a demon


So I said: 'But the ocean chases

the fish.'

This time he laughed

and said: 'Suppose the

strawberry were

pushed into a mountain.'

After that I knew the

war was on--

So we fought:

He said: 'The apple-cart like a


snaps & splinters

old dutch shoes.'

I said: 'Lightning will strike the old oak

and free the fumes!'

He said: 'Mad street with no name.'

I said: 'Bald killer! Bald killer! Bald killer!'

He said, getting real mad,

'Firestoves! Gas! Couch!'

I said, only smiling,

'I know God would turn back his head

if I sat quietly and thought.'

We ended by melting away,

hating the air!

~ Gregory Corso


Sherin said...

I seriously wish I knew more about poetry. I am so uncultured!!! But this poem is gorgeous!

Harriet said...

I love poetry, although I would in no way consider myself an expert! Whenever I do find something I like though I save it to a folder on my computer (next door to the folder filled with all the gorgeous fashion photos I save!)