Monday, 12 October 2009

Vogue Italia

One thing I promised myself when I left for Italy was a copy of Vogue Italia to bring home. The September issue did not disappoint (even though I couldn't understand a word!)

vogue italia 1
vogue italia 3
vogue italia 2

I'm loving the muted colours mixed with pillar box reds, big bouffant hair and shadowy makeup. Vogue Italia is (as you would expect) much more avant-garde than most of the Italian style I saw on the streets, but compared with places like London and New York it seems even more so.

The Italian stereotype of beautiful chic people is alive and well, but I have to admit to finding it a little boring for me. I'd love to be able to look that chic and effortless so simply dressed (think great fitted pair of jeans, crisp white shirt and expensive handbag and heels) but I fear I'd just feel under dressed the whole time!

Check out some pictures of the full fashion shoots from September Vogue Italia here and here.


Sherin said...

Italian Vogue is so pretty! I really have to get a copy of Vogue from everywhere I go on holiday!

Harriet said...

That's my new resolution!