Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Daily Outfit - 25th November 2009

After a dark and stormy night the sky is blue today, so I dressed to match!

P1040548 P1040549
Blue plaid shirt - Joy, White t-shirt (just seen) - Warehouse, High waist blue denim skirt - Mango, Black oxfords - Bata, Blue spotted beret - accessorize, necklace - vintage, watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs

As you can see in the first picture the camera caught me unawares and I am still hitching up my skirt and trying to elbow my wardrobe door shut behind me! By the second photo I'd definitely got my pose on though! 

Today I am going to my grandma's house for lunch and a bit of a cooking lesson. On Saturday I am going to a mini dinner party (how grown up am I with my dinner parties?!) and I'm on starters and dessert. I'm looking forward to it loads, especially as I haven't seen some of my friends for ages, but the only problem is I don't cook. Ever. The plan is apple crumble for dessert as it's simple and I have my secret family recipe(!), but I'm completely stuck for ideas for starters. Help?


Leah said...

Hi Harriet! I can't help you with the cooking dilemma as I am a failure in the kitchen. hahaha!

Both of those images are great. Honestly, I prefer the 1st one more because of that mischievous look.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Leia said...

Harriet, you look gorgeous! Oh dear, I have so many things to do this weekend and I've sorted out what food I need to take, but have no idea what to wear!

Hmm, starters... stir fry or deep fry small chunks of tofu and serve them with toothpicks? I also love Greek dolmades as starters but don't think they're very easy to make... Umm you could shred some spinach and parmesan and deep fry them in little balls... or just make a salad if it doesn't have to be finger food? You can't go wrong with mozarella/tomato/olive oil/basil, or you could just put in loads of mixed greens with honey mustard dressing and sundried tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, parmesan shavings, olives, avocado, artichoke chunks...

Don't know if any of those ideas are actually helpful but have fun anyway!

MJ said...

God, how small is your waist! It's amazing! You look great!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Harriet! You look so fabulous! I truly think you should get a job as one of those real-life mannequins in shop windows - you would be amazing at it! Good grief how tiny your waist is - so perfect for high-waisted pieces!

Good luck with the cooking lesson - I should so accompany you; I have quite a bit to learn about toiling about the kitchen! :)

daisychain said...

omg, smallest waist ever!

the blue sky didn't last long here!

Mermaid said...

Wow that skirt is so flattering on you. I love it.

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sherin said...

Cute outfit. The hat is gorgeous.

I'm not a cooker, lol. I recently learnt how to make lebanese style potatoes and thats all I've been making, lol. Good luck!!

Harriet said...

Thanks for all the nice comments, and all the cooking tips! Leia your ideas are fantastic, even if I don't use them this weekend I will be filing them away for future reference! Sherin, I just googled Lebanese style potatoes and they sound amazing too, that's another one to add to my list! You guys should add a cooking section on to your blog!

I love the skirt I am wearing in this picture, but I will never be wearing it again if I tihnk I'm going to be eating a big dinner! After seeing my grandparents (is there a rule that grandparents must force feed you?!) I was ready to pop!

Tzoules said...

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Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Love the skirt! I love baking, my family makes everything from scratch and I can still remember the first time I made cookies by myself. :)