Thursday, 12 November 2009

Daily Outfit - November 12th 2009

P1040461 P1040459
Puff-sleeved top - Joy
Dusty pink floral shorts - Topshop
Black mary jane shoes - Clarks
Black hairband - H&M

I have discovered that at any one time I am more than likely to be wearing at least one item from Topshop! It's not that I buy a lot there exactly, but I have to admit that all of the things I have bought from Topshopover the years have been keepers, and are still staples in my wardrobe. Is it because they make really good clothes? (maybe) Is it because they're somewhat expensive for highstreet so I only buy things I really really like? (quite possibly) Or is it because by the time I've been all round Topshop on Oxford Circus I'm so exhausted I skip all the other shops and just go home? (almost certainly!)

Noone I know actually likes these shorts apart from me, but I love them!

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MJ said...

I love these shorts - and pairing them with an all-black outfit is a great shout! :)

Leia said...

Those shorts are really cute! Although I don't know how you can wear them in this weather, I'm wearing my knits and scarves!

Will definitely go vote for you right now :)

Vixel said...

Those shorts are ace, I've voted for you :)

daisychain said...

those shorts are ace

*off to vote*

Sherin said...

Have just voted for you. Good Luck.

Oooo, the shorts and tights combo looks really good.
Hmmm, what you have with Topshop is what I have with H&M. At any one time, I'm wearing somethin of theirs, and just because they do make good quality stuff, that lasts.

Daisy said...

These shorts are so lovely!