Wednesday, 18 November 2009



Did anyone else watch Enid on BBC4 on monday night? It starred Helena Bonham Carter as Enid Blyton, and I was very excited to see it as I love HBC for all her wackyness, and as a child I was absolutely addicted to the stories of Enid Blyton. All in all I enjoyed the programme, the actors were good, and the sets (mainly Enid's beautiful 1930s country house) and costumes were gorgeous. I love anyting set in the 30s, so this was a perfect feast for my eyes!

My only complaint was perhaps that it was a bit too one sided. While by all accounts Enid Blyton doesn't seem to have been a particularly nice person, there was never any attempt to try and get the audience to sympathise with her. For example she is seen to rarely see or want to spend time with her children, something that was actually pretty common among middle and upper class families in the 1930s, something that is never pointed out.


all images courtesy Helena Online and the beeb.

Enid's look is the perfect 1930s housewife, to go with her idealised fantasy life which exists only in her books rather than in reality. Key Items include kneelength print dresses, pastel colours, tweed, long beaded necklaces, perfect set hair even in bed(!), a fur bolero, full length sparkling eveningwear, a great hat, a typewriter, fitted cardigans, interesting brooches, lots of floral prints, scarlett nails, a copy of your favourite famous five novel, plum cake, lashings of ginger beer!


dress oli, brooches 1928, blue cardigan kath kidston, red shoes monsoon, brown shoes h&m, tights falke, faux fur shrug debenhams


Helen said...

ahhh i missed this! i wanted to catch it on my iplayer but it wasn't on virgin. in the second photo, that dress and cardi are cath kidston, i have the blue version of that cardi! also - is that karen from outnumbered?! i looooove her, although i bet she probably isn't as funny in this hehe.

Lendoxia said...

As a kid I adored and I do still adore The Famous Five series but I don't know anything about the author I hope I'll be able to find that movie/serie somewhere :)

daisychain said...

ah crap I forgot to watch this.

Sadie said...

I don't know who Enid is, but I'll google her in a while, is she an american icon or something like that, because I've never heard of her here in Mexico... anyways the pictures are great! Anything inspired in the 30's-40's is usually lovely!

Have a great day Harriet!

Sadie said...

Oh sweety I forgot! you're from UK, so let me remake the question is it an icon or someone important over there? I wanted to remake the question since I hate when people mistake me with any other latin country as if all latin america were the same, sorry for my confusion darling!

Claire said...

I taped it, looking forward to watching it. Where is the pink fox jumper from?

Sherin said...

Yup, I saw it and loved it. Helena is a perfect actress and was so good as Enid. I agree though: they did make her out to be quite horrible. Enid Byton was one of my favourite authors growing up, so it was quite bad to see her portrayed like that. But the outfits were pretty amazing.

hannah said...

shes got such lovely outfits, i dig that white fur thing and her dotty suit! shes always got such interesting looks

Harriet said...

Sadie - haha, that's no problem! It's confusing when someone is talking about someone and you have no idea who she is! Enid Blyton was a children's author from the 1930s, she wrote over 750 books in her lifetime, mostly adventure and mystery stories such as The Famous Five!!

Claire - I found it on Polyvore, I think it's from this russian site but alas I don't understand it, which is a shame as I love it!

Daisychain - I think it should be on iplayer?

Harriet said...

Claire - I had another look at the bigger pic and I tihnk the label says it's moschino!

Leia said...

Oh no, I missed it! Enid Blyton was my favorite childhood author.

Kristin said...

I didn't see it but, ohhhhhhhh that dress. So beautiful.

Lilee said...

these are lovely!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

She's so stylish; love her hair and those red lips are so classic!