Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Vintage Fashion Fair

On Sunday I went with a couple of my friends, my mum, and a few of her friends to a vintage fashion fair in Battersea Arts Centre. I had a really really fun day, and it was a great way to escape the rain, try on some amazing clothes, and come away with a few purchases too!


It was all quite reasonably priced, I think because of the competition - after all if we thought something was too expensive we could just mosey on to the next stall. Even so it wasn't very well attended, and a lot of the stallholders said they really hadn't made very much. I wasn't sure if the weather, or the £5 entry fee put off browsers, or if it simply wasn't advertised enough.

We found such a range of strange, funny and cute things. Like this secret naked lady tie(!), a Beatles dress and a business card holder in the shape of a tiny suitcase!


We tried on so many great clothes too, and spent lots of time running back and forth to the changing rooms. My friend Kate got this gorgeous black 80s beaded dress, and Reda went home with some amazing things including a green Karl Lagerfeld jacket (not pictured alas, I didn't get a good one) which is quite simply the best jacket ever, and may well become our equivalent of the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants magic jeans as it looked good on everyone. I'm sure I'll be borrowing it for an outfit or two soon!


As you can see I tried on some great dresses, but nothing was quite right. We also noticed that a lot of the stallholders were quite rude to us, whereas none of them dared be rude to my mum and her friends who are all in their 40s, 50s and 60s. The woman who was selling the green dress I'm wearing above thought we were trying to steal her coathangers!! It was definitely an age thing, as we weren't the only younger people looking round who got told off for imaginary things either. In fact between the three of us we probably spent more than my mum and her friends, after all we have less outgoings without morgages, pensions and children, more disposable income, and are way more obsessed with fashion! I definitely wasn't going to be buying anything from someone who was rude, or couldn't even be bothered to give me the time of day.

So what did I end up taking home with me? Well I recently mentioned my passion for vintage suitcases, and to start my collection I am now the owner of this little white and blue writing case! It was a bargainiferous £14 and it looks great in my room, currently peeking out from between my shopping bags and new shoes!



Helen said...

oooh i love the inside of that case. i hate it when people are rude to me because of my age! yet they treat older people with more respect. i know you should respect your elders and i do, but you should also respect everyone else equally. i think the £5 entry fee would put me off - you don't have to pay to enter a shopping centre, plus if you didn't buy anything it would feel like a bit of a waste really.

Melissa~ said...

Love vintage.
Love that tie!!!
And the inside of that case is gorgeous.

hannah said...

wow that looks amazing!! too bad the sellers were so rude. but that white suitcase is a gem! (i like your heels too)

Sherin said...

Wow, it sounds like such a fun place. I love the clothes you tried on as well.

Mademoiselle HELI said...


Leah said...

Love that vintage suitcase...it has a shabby chic feel to it.