Thursday, 26 November 2009

Things I Love Thursday


We don't celebrate thanksgiving here, so I thought I'd do a Things I Love Thursday post instead!

.I am having such a foody week this week, I love it. I had an amazing lunch with my grandparents yesterday - for a 76 year old white man my grandfather makes an amazing curry (with home made onion bhajis) They also gave me some home grown apples to use in my crumble on Saturday, so if it all goes horribly wrong at least I know it won't be the fault of the produce!

.Gossip Girl. I know everone else is over it but I'm rewatching the first season on DVD and falling in love with it all over again.

.I forgot how much I love desire to inspire blog - lots of heavenly interior inspiration for my imaginary house!

.Nice shop assistants. Is it me or do makeup counters in department stores have the nicest assistants? Not too over the top, but really helpful when you need them. Unfortunately this means I am always persuaded into buying an awful lot!

.Hot water bottles

.Getting ready to start work. I am excited, and stressed at the same time! I've been trying to buy work-appropriate clothes, but it's so hard as all the shops are full of party clothes instead!

.Reading books set in Italy and imagining the characters walking down the same streets I did when I was there (two months ago now, how time flies!)

.The thought of some properly cold weather this weekend so I can wear my new coat for the first time!

.My very first grown up dinner party this weekend with some lovely friends. I'm even getting a bit excited about cooking, what is happening to me?!

.Getting ready for the Winter Ball I am going to in a week's time. It's 50s themed, and we're gonig to be learning to do the jive! I packed my suitcase for it today to leave at my boyfriend's house this week so I'm enjoying the preparations early. I just hope I haven't forgotten anything, or else it's all going to have to fit in my handbag next friday instead of going down there in my car this weekend!

What do you love this thursday?


Kate said...

Eeee, this is the most exciting Thursday I've had in ages! Me & my boyfriend are taking a roadtrip to Eastbourne tonight, treating ourselves to Harvester (I don't know why it's always a special occasion thing...), and going to see Eddie Izzard live - which we've been waiting to do so since February. It all starts unfolding in half an hour and I can't wait!

I bet you want to get back to Italy as soon as you can :]

daisychain said...

I love reading these happy posts :)

Tzoules said...


Harriet said...

Kate - Oh wow that sounds amazing, one of my friends has seen Eddie Izzard live and she said he was fantastic - I hope you had a good time!