Friday, 13 November 2009

Workwear Wishlist

In just a few weeks I am going to (finally!) be starting my first grown up job (eek!) and naturally upon getting confirmation I would be starting in December the first thing I did was run to my wardrobe and come to the conclusion that I Have Nothing To Wear.

No, really!

I've worked for this company before, but only as an intern, and only during the summer. Although I would say that my usual style was quite dressy, it's been the wardrobe of a student and unemployed person for my entire life so far. Finding nice, warm clothes that are suitable for an office, and which I will be happy wearing all day everyday five days a week from simply shopping my wardrobe is just not happening. I've put together an idea of what I want my capsule work wardrobe to look like, and then it will be time to hit the shops!


For me the capsule work wardrobe definitely needs to contain a suit (what wouldn't I give for one of the Vivienne Westwood numbers above?!), plus a couple of more colourful interesting separates to mix and match it with on less dressed up days. I get cold easily and most of the jumpers and cardigans I wear are slouchy and cuddly, lovely for home but I think I need a couple of neutral, fitted jumpers and cardigans for work.

A new coat is also on the list as my current leather jacket is warm and snug but not allowed in the office. There are so many cute dufflecoats around at the moment, they look so warm, Paddington Bear eat your heart out! I must must not give in to temptation and buy some sensible shoes rather than my usual selection of uncomfortable tottering heels, and to round it off I don't see why I can't have a few fun accessories too!

Do you work in an office, or need to dress smartly for work? What are your staple items? How do you reconcile your personal style with your dresscode?


MaryBeth Hughes said...

love that blue skirt! where is it from? my go-to's are pencil skirts and tights - usually black. i love to add some style and color with scarfs or fun shoes.

Sherin said...

Good luck with the new job. I started an internship like 3 days ago and I realised I ad nothing to wear either! Although, when I was working over the summer, one of my staples was a pair of skinny black trousers. They are comfortable, stylish and professional. I'd definitely recommend a pair for work.

The Sequin Cat said...

Great post!

I am scared of the grown-up world for this reason.. and considering I might become a teacher next year, I wonder how I'll tone down my outfits?

Adventures of a Sequin Cat

Deanna said...

I really like your choices.

Harriet said...

eek, I didn't put any labels on saying where everything is from! Fool! Most of it is old anyway but the skirts are both H&M.

Shopgirl said...

I've worked in an office for over two years now. It's definitely a transition from student to work place dressing and is difficult once the novelty wears off! I tend to go for little black dresses most of the time. I have a few jersey ones from Zara and Topshop - with a pair of tights and Mary Janes they are so easy and look smart!

Sushi said...

I love the navy cardigan with the gold detailing and have been looking for one like that for ages. Could you please tell me where you found it? x Sushi